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Nakayama's ONLY ONE

Nakayama has been offering high-quality, high-precision CUTTING RULES, using the most advanced technology.
We have been continuously creating new technologies to challenge requests that cannot be fulfilled with the current technology.
We take pride in our policy “ONLY ONE” as well as our challenging attitude and strong product development capability.

Why does Nakayama focus on “MADE IN JAPAN”?

Nakayama focuses on “MADE IN JAPAN”, while almost all types of products are made in and imported from foreign countries. We do not deny foreign production to cut costs. However, we have taken all possible measures to ensure safety of Nakayama’s CUTTING RULES, which are used by our customers to create their own products. We think that any problem regarding our CUTTING RULES will result in lost profits to the customers. In the future also, we will attach importance to “JAPAN QUALITY”.

Stable supply of high-quality products; this is NAKAYAMAISM.

Dimensions and component content of materials used for our CUTTING RULES meet the Nakayama standards, which are far tougher than the JIS Standards in all respects. The product thickness tolerance is set to the smallest value in the industry. Nakayama’s quality standard starts not from material selection but from material purification. We are positively adopting new materials and technologies for stable supply of highly satisfying products.

Nakayama's PLUS ONE

We can always find solutions to fit potential problems as well as our customers’ problems.
We strictly keep delivery date, provide prompt responses to questions and requests, enhance customer services and build new proposals on the basis of large amounts of information held by us.
We believe that we can not only manufacture expected products, but also provide better-than-expected results, “PLUS ONE”.

Integrated production system also suitable for high-mix low-volume production

Since our foundation in 1937, we have been devoting our efforts to establishing the integrated production system from the material heat treatment process to commercialization of product. To respond to increasing demands for high-mix, low-volume production, we have built a flexible and broadly-applicable system. We provide the most suitable services and product s to meet your needs including mirror finish on MIR to enhance cutting quality and original printing on blades.

Nakayama Brand is leading the industry.

Nakayama has been independently manufacturing its own machines for processing CUTTING RULES to create satisfying, high-quality products. Combination of bevel shapes, bevel angles, thickness, height, bodies and hardness can produce a variety of CUTTING RULES. We are leading the industry with our engineers who are continuously promoting research and development on machine and equipment.

真価のための進化 ナカヤマはトムソン刃を生み出す機械も自社で製作。

What is the best way to create much more accurate products than ever before? Pursuing this unchanging theme among manufacturers, Nakayama has been manufacturing almost all machines for producing CUTTING RULES by itself.
Our engineers are daily working in research and development of machine and equipment to improve quality and product efficiency. To create products that satisfy both us and our customers, we will continue to improve our employees, technology and products, while examining the value of our products.

Reliable technology supports “Creation of Products”

Nakayama’s CUTTING RULES are the heart of “Creation of Products” for the customers. For this reason, we design production machines by ourselves to create new products. Since our establishment, we have been accumulating know-how on technical development. It is not exaggerating to say that we are a real machine manufacturer. Nakayama’s technology will continue growing to meet your expectations.

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