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Paper articles, cardboards

The information on this page is for reference; it may change according to your cutting conditions.
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*The information may subject to change without notice. Please check “What’s New” on this website or contact us directly.

Guide to Select CUTTING RULES for Cutting Cardboards

We provide the following CUTTING RULES according to the types cardboards (F/Flute).
Contact us for other products than those shown in the following table. We will offer you the optimum solution.

Type AB/F A/F B/F E/F G/F
Thickness (mm) 8.0 5.0 3.0 1.5 1.0
Pressed thickness 2.4~3.0 1.25~2.0 0.8~1.2 0.6~0.8 0.4~0.5
NC RULES(0.9×4580、5080) NC RULES(0.7×4580、5080、6080)
NC-D (Double Long Bevel)
Veneer board 16MM 16MM 16 or 18MM 18MM 18MM
Ruled line(※2) 2.0×22.6 1.8×22.6 1.4×22.8 1.4×22.8 0.9×23.0
3.0×22.6 2.0×22.6   1.4×22.9  

Application/Performance of CUTTING RULES

Material (Thickness) STEEL RULES
(Standard thickness: 0.7; Numerical figures
in parentheses indicate hardness.)
Reason of Recommendation(for reference)
Cardboard (Standard thickness: 0.8 t) NC RULES(4572・4580)
*MIR (No.1) and NCD760 (No.2) to prevent generation of paper dust (MIR is originally manufactured to prevent generation of paper dust.)
Laminated paper   NCD (Double Long Bevel) *When using NC-D (Double Long Bevel) with thickness of 0.7, the blade may deviate.
NC-D (Double Long Bevel) -
MIR (Thickness: 0.5; Hardness: 5080)
(2.0t~) NC-D (Double Long Bevel) (Thickness: 0.9; Hardness: 5080)
Clear cases (PP/PET) MIR20 *To get a beautiful cut surface
MIR-CI20 *To get a beautiful cut surface and improve durability of STEEL RULES
ACE80-MIR *To get a beautiful cut surface and bendability of STEEL RULES
Surface-treated paper
(UV/PP coating, etc.)
MIR20 *To get a beautiful cut surface
NCD7653-MIR・MAD7653 *To prevent generation of paper dust

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