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Guide to Select CUTTING RULES for Cutting Resin

Resin Material (Thickness) STEEL RULES
(Standard thickness: 0.7; Numerical figures
in parentheses indicate hardness.)
Reason of Recommendation(for reference)
Vinyl chloride (PVC) (~0.5t) ACE80
NCA(Center Bevel)(4580)
* Use these STEEL RULES according to degrees of bending.
(0.8t~) NCD (Double Long Bevel)(5080・6080)
G-PET NCA(Center Bevel)(5080・6080)
NCD (Double Long Bevel)(5080・6080)
* Resin is not hard; select a high-hardness STEEL RULE, considering its bendability.
NCD (Double Long Bevel)(6580) * For getting cutting surface verticality
Polycarbonate (~0.8t) MIRーCJ23 * Polycarbonate is light and hard; STEEL RULE with body hardness of 50° or more is needed.
(Note) It may be difficult to punch surface-treated sheets (hard coating sheets, etc.) by using STEEL RULES.
(1.0t~) NCD (Double Long Bevel)(5080・6080)
NCE (Triple Long Bevel)(6580)
* NC-E (Triple Long Bevel) with sharper blade edge is more suitable. (The first blade edge angle of NC-D (Double Long Bevel) is 53°; that of NC-E (Triple Long Bevel) is 50°.)
Styrene (Wood rack panel) ACE80
NCA(Center Bevel)(4580)
NCD (Double Long Bevel)(4580・5080)
* When styrene thickness is approx. 5 t, adjust thickness of the veneer board to 16 t; if the edge sags, back blanking may be required.
Vacuum forming (PET, special resin, etc.),
blister pack
NCD (Double Long Bevel)(Thickness: 1.0; Hardness: 5072)
NEW CUTTER-PET (For A-PET, PP, PS, PVC, etc.) (Thickness: 1.0; Hardness: 5580/5080)
HI-MIR * For sharper cutting or preventing residue deposition

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