The Best Sharpness in The World.

In 1937,
The era had escaped the Showa Depression and industrial development was underway. Heavy and chemical industries such as steel, automobile, aircraft, and machinery industries were growing rapidly. In the midst of this, the first Cutting Rule by Saichiro Nakayama, the founder, was born and made its first sound.

Nearly a century later since then, we have inherited the philosophies and technologies of our predecessors and have maintained the same clear banner of Nakayama-ism, “All for the sake of high quality,” since our founding.

As a result of our relentless pursuit and dedication to manufacturing products that meet the challenges and needs of our customers, we have been able to achieve the world’s highest quality and a stable supply of products.

However, we will never be complacent, and as the times evolve, Team Nakayama will renew itself and work as one with our customers to provide the best solutions.