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How can I reduce the make-ready time in the punching machine?

We recommend you "PRESS BALANCE SHEET (PBS)". PBS improves the balance of punching machine and reduce the make-ready time. Please see here for more information.

I'm in trouble about removal the adhesive of blades or rubbers.

1. We recommend you "SILKY COATING" or "FLUORO RESIN COATING". These coatings are best for cutting adhesive things. Please see here for more details of "SILKY COATING". 2. We recommend you "NEW CERACOAT G". It improves work efficiency by spraying a blade or rubber. 
It's much better if you use it with "SILKY COATING". Please feel free to contact us for more information.


When punching hard materials, the blade deviates from the optimal position.
Attach a small ball to the back of the PUNCH.
What materials are used for CUTTING RULES?
S50C, SUS, SK85 or SK120 are used.

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