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Improve the balance of die cutting machine!

Make-ready time will be cut around 50-80%

Merit after introducing PressbalanceSheet

■Fewer paper dust

■Cost effective
(ex:Adjustment time , 3 hours in the past →30 minutes with PressbalanceSheet)

■Die board will last longer.

■You could use previous protecting plate and make-ready sheet.
Make-ready sheet would be unusable if you maintain punching machine itself for adjusting the uneveness.
PressbalanceSheet is used with special protective plate so the previous make-ready sheet can be used by simply removing the PressbalanceSheet and replacing with it.

[Without PressbalanceSheet]
It takes a lot of time to make ready because an operator must check the balance normally 2 to 5 times .

[With PressbalanceSheet]
Make-ready time will be cut dramatically because the pressure is well-balanced.

PressbalanceSheet outline

1. PressbalanceSheet is made up of ten layers of 20μm(0.02mm) thickness, which are hard PPS film.
2. Cutting the sheet half with the 50mm pitch cutting die.
   One sheet for lower pressure part, some sheets are taken off for higher pressure part.
3. Taking off the all sheets which are cut through makes the base for adjusting cutting pressure.

■The picture below is PBS that taking off all sheets which are cut through.


PressbalanceSheet (pdf)

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