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Silky Coating

Excellent non-adhesiveness/ A beautiful section/ Improvement of the sharpness/ Improvement of the work effeciency


Silky Coating maintains the sharpness of the blade.
The coating is possible to various things , for example, cutting rules, punches, flexible dies etc.


Highly-functional film
Optical Film ・Film for Touch Panel・Film for Semiconductor ・Film for Solar Cells・Film for Lithiuim-ion Battery

Adhesive tape
Adhesive tape for Electronics・Conductive Adhesive tape・Adhesive tape for surface protection

Comparison image

Material: Touch panel film

Comparison of punching operation video

Cutting rule(left): MIR-CI23 (Silver) 0.7×23.6
Cutting rule(right): Silky Coating MIR-CI23 (Silver) 0.7×23.6
Material: Touch panel film


Silky Coating(pdf)

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