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Punching PP by D-MIR 18P


This is a cross section image punching PP by D-MIR 18P.

  • Cutting rule : D-MIR 18P
  • Material: PP1.8mm

☆Please pay attention that there are no burrs between cutting rule and PP.☆

Comparison of punching operations


Compare punching operations (by MIR-C123 and Silky Coating MIR-C123) Silky Coating is highly evaluated in various fields; if you have any doubt about the value of Silky Coating, please watch this video.

  • STEEL RULE A : MIR-CI23 (Wgite) 0.7×23.6
  • STEEL RULE B : Silky Coating MIR-CI23 (White) 0.7×23.6
  • Punched material: Touch panel

please watch this video

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