製造部 熱処理担当

Manufacturing Division Area of Expertise:
Heat Treatment

古賀 一雄

Kazuo Koga


Nearly all Nakayama products start with this team’s processes, and continue with subsequent processes.Also, this team often applies its many years of experience to artisanal processes, and aims to offer a stable supply of high-quality products by passing on those skills to the next generation.

製造部 切削加工担当

Manufacturing Division Area of Expertise:
Machining Processes

水田 賢

Ken Mizuta


To me, my job means opening up new horizons by working together, more than simply having my own area of expertise.It is our team’s dedication and commitment to machining that enables us to consistently produce high-quality products and make continuous improvements so we can hand things off smoothly to the next stage of the process.

製造部 研磨加工担当

Manufacturing Division Area of Expertise:
Grinding Processes

山神 悠哉

Yuya Yamagami


I work hard every day to swiftly deliver CUTTING RULES of various shapes to meet the diverse needs of our customers, with high-quality, high-precision Nakayama Standards.Difficulties occur, but the joy of making something satisfying is the greatest reward.

製造部 刃先熱処理担当

Manufacturing Division Area of Expertise:
Blade Tip Heat Treatment

藤井 裕

Yutaka Fujii


Since joining the company, I have had experience with several teams and processes, but no matter what field I’m in, I am always on a mission to create better products. The process of blade tip heat treatment, which I am currently in charge of, is an important process, so there is pressure on the job, but I am always aware of how I’m connecting to positive paths forward for members handling the next-stage process.

製造部 MIR加工担当

Manufacturing Division Area of Expertise:
MIR Treatment

塩谷 和紀

Kazunori Siotani


The user comes first, and I am working to reflect users’ needs, as conveyed to us by the sales team, in our products.Our team prides ourselves on producing the highest quality blades.However, we are not complacent about the current level of quality, and we are discussing and brainstorming daily with the goal of making blades with even greater sharpness.

製造部 防錆コーティング・印刷担当

Manufacturing Division Area of Expertise:
Rust-Preventive Coating and Printing

岩城 茉旺

Mao Iwaki


We are working hard with the mentality of providing customers with products, painstakingly crafted by the members of Section 1, which have the highest possible added value.

製造部 検品担当

Manufacturing Division Area of Expertise:

小山田 幸正

Yukimasa Oyamada


I strive to inspect each and every item precisely so as to consistently provide high-quality products to our customers and make the Nakayama brand one we can present to the world with pride.

製造部 梱包担当

Manufacturing Division Area of Expertise:

上杉 文希貴

Fukitaka Uesugi


The packaging is the first things customers see. My goal is to make Nakayama’s products look even better than they already do.Because every product from the manufacturing division comes through my section, it’s a rewarding job.

製造部 超小ロットライン【10M】担当

Manufacturing Division Area of Expertise:
Ultra-Small Lot Line (10M)

丸谷 真琴

Makoto Marutani


In fabricating various prototype products, our goal is to make something unique in the world that can only be manufactured by Nakayama, with particular attention to precision.It is difficult to work with ultra-short delivery times and ultra-small lots, but I actually enjoy the pressure of work!

製造部 品質管理担当

Manufacturing Division Area of Expertise:
Quality Control

齊藤 正義

Masayoshi Saito


The strength of Nakayama products is in their consistent quality, and this is underpinned by quality control.Although I am not involved in the manufacturing process, I have a strong sense of my mission, as precise inspection of daily samples leads to “consistently providing customers with high-quality blades.”

製造部 生産機械製作担当

Manufacturing Division Area of Expertise:
Production Equipment Fabrication

高田 隼人

Hayato Takada


To improve the quality and precision of our products, we fabricate our own processing equipment, and there is a rewarding sense of accomplishment when the equipment is completed and put into operation.

製造部 生産機械ソフト担当

Manufacturing Division Area of Expertise:
Production Equipment Software

寺下 幸治

Koji Terashita


While supporting the crucial manufacturing division from below, I think about how my work can contribute to making good products, and I am deeply moved when positive results are achieved.

営業部 国内セールス

Sales Division Domestic Sales

村田 響

Hibiki Murata


For Nakayama to become the world’s number one blade manufacturer, it is necessary to focus not only on product quality but also on other areas.Our division is dedicated to everything from customer support to packaging and design, and we strive to improve customer satisfaction on a daily basis.We will continue to grow with the company. As a member of the sales department, I make “enjoyment” a priority.I often chat with customers about more than just work.I believe that by enjoying ourselves as well as entertaining our customers, we can build a deeper relationship.

総務部 出荷・管理担当

General Affairs Division Area of Expertise:
Product Shipping and Management

森嶋 彦嗣

Hikotsugu Morishima


The General Affairs Division is primarily engaged in administrative work such as accounting, product management and so forth. I am working hard every day and take pride in supporting the entire company’s business and contributing to our customers in cooperation with other divisions.

営業部 海外セールス

General Affairs Division Area of Expertise:
Product Shipping and Management

阿部 友博

Tomohiro Abe


営業部 海外セールス

General Affairs Division Area of Expertise:
Product Shipping and Management

池田 佳史

Yoshifumi Ikeda