When I hear the cicada's chirping, which is a summer tradition, I am reminded of something. Generally speaking, cicadas live for seven years under the ground as larvae and live for only seven days on the ground as adults.When I first learned this, I felt in my childish mind what a fleeting life it was. We humans mainly live on the ground. Because of this preconceived notion, I must have thought that cicadas, which live only seven days above ground, have a fleeting life. However, what if we consider the cicada's life in the ground as the main part of its life? Not many insects live longer than seven years, which means that cicadas are long-lived.
I believe it is very important in business to have a multifaceted viewpoint like that. Our company is situated in the Die cutting industry, which is the origin of manufacturing and a niche market. And we often feel that we are stuck in a stereotypical way of thinking because we have a long history in the industry. I believe that ideas are born and new possibilities emerge when we look at things from all directions, not only subjectively but also from a third-party perspective. In order to create better products and provide better services, We would like to continue challenging ourselves to explore new possibilities. This is what we would like to do.