As autumn deepens and the weather turns chilly, there has been a lot of exciting stories in this summer's high school baseball championship. My alma mater, Osaka Toin high school, challenged the feat of winning the championship for the third time in a row in the spring and the summer championship, and regrettably lost. However, high school baseball is interesting not only for the games but also for the form of the teams, and I sometimes watch the games with particular attention to the presence of captains. The ace and cleanup hitter, the true mainstay of the team, is often the captain, but the number of teams with an alternate member as a captain is also increasing. Although their physical abilities and skills are inferior to those of other players,
they respect their team members more than anyone else, unite the team, and aim for victory with the help of all members. I believe that there are different forms of leadership. I am not as good as the members of our company in terms of skills to manufacture cutting rules, to sell them, to manage the inventory, etc. I would rather be inferior to them. In fact, I would like to be less than them. However, my passion for pursuing the management philosophy, my care for the members, and my sense of responsibility to keep the company going are second to none. I am basically a captain on the bench, sometimes leading the team with overwhelming power and drive. That is the kind of leader I would like to be.