これらは企業にとっても必要不可欠だと思います。弊社はメーカーでありユーザーへの販売も行っております。現在60人のメンバーが在籍し、製造部・営業部・総務部・経営サポート部の4部署が存在します。組織をまとめあげるには凄くパワーがいる事で容易ではありません。しかし世界で勝つ為にナカヤマというチーム率い、「One Team」のスローガンを掲げ、個人プレーではなくチームプレーで目標に向かって進んでいきたいと思います。
Having played rugby as a student, I coach the rugby school my son attends. It makes me smile to see the children chasing the oval ball so hard every week and genuinely enjoying the game of rugby. I coach the children because I want them to enjoy playing rugby, to respect their friends, and to nurture their hearts rather than their skills, regardless of the level of their athletic ability. Rugby is played by a team of 15 players, the largest number of players in any ball game, so teamwork, communication, and cooperation are essential.
I believe that these are also essential for companies. Our company is a manufacturer and sells directly to users. We currently have 60 members and four departments: Manufacturing, Sales, General Affairs, and Management Support. It takes a lot of power to organize an organization, and it is not easy. However, in order to win in the world, I would like to lead Nakayama as a team, and under the slogan "One Team," I would like to move forward toward our goals not as an individual player but as a team player.